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 2012 Rumours

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PostSubject: 2012 Rumours   Tue Jan 31, 2012 2:55 am

The supposed list of 2012 releases for 40K is:
Any thoughts?

April-May: Dark Angels/Fallen
June-Aug: 6th Ed/Box Set DA vs. CSM
Oct-Nov: Chaos Space Marines/Fallen
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PostSubject: Re: 2012 Rumours   Mon Feb 06, 2012 9:18 pm

Quote :
I do understand that there are some things in 40K that don't need to be expanded ad infinitum as your example proves.

However there is a big difference between Chaos Space Marines (Renegades) and Chaos Legionnaires, and this used to be represented in the Codex before last.

GW in their great wisdom (or rather Jervis and Alessio) decided that that particular Codex was way too complicated and as part of their over simplification drive took a chain axe to it and stripped out what was essentially all the best bits.

The intention was to seperate Renegades and Legionnaires and hopefully release a Legions Codex at a later date, as they have said in interviews since.

They realised immediately that the Chaos Space Marines Codex was massively over simplified and set to work straight away to begin planning the Legions Codex.

Chaos Space Marine Renegades are small roving war bands of Chaos Marines who have either spilt from their original Legion (Fabius Bile, Kharn, Ahriman etc), or are Loyalist marines disillusioned with the Imperium who have turned traitor (Huron Blackheart).

Over time they have picked up some influence from Chaos, but are made up of disparate bands of warriors.

Admittedly the curve ball is having Black Legion and Abaddon in the CSM Codex and I am not sure what will happen there.

The Legions however are those who took part in the Heresy and have been fighting the long war ever since.

These are not simple roving war bands engaging in hit and run raid across the Imperium, but the remnants of full Legions.

As an example Iron Warriors have access to artillery (usually Basilisks), Daemon Engines and Dark Mechanicus.

Alpha Legion have bands of cultists or the ability to infiltrate into society.

World Eaters have blood crazed Marines riding Juggernauts into battle.

etc, etc.

All of this used to be represented in the CSM Codex but was removed. The idea is to try to get this flavour back in one way or another.

Chaos players felt very hard done by with the last CSM Codex, they had these differences and they were taken away, what they were left with were closer to Renegades than Legionnaries.

Alessio and Jervis have both sad that they would like the CSM Codex to stay as Renegades, and to release another Codex which would address the Alpha Legion, Iron Warriors, World Eaters, Emperor's Children etc.

I may of course be completely wrong, the next Codex might just be a rehash of the current one and replace it, but that's not what I have heard.

Coming via Dakka via Warseer.

We are also seeing stuff like.

Quote :

I've been told the following:

no BT in the near future
DA are "in progress"
Eldar and Tau are being worked on, with Eldar further along than Tau

Concerning Chaos:

the book is done and almost at the printers
an Iron Warriors character (?) has been seen, with a huge servo harness
possible new Obliterators (plastic or Finecast?)
painted versions of all 4 cult terminators have been sighted - could be conversions though
plastic Plaguebearers on round bases have been sighted

The already "known" Necron wave was confirmed: 2 flyers, the big walker, the jet bikes, Wraiths and Spiders. I quote: "The wraiths and spiders did NOT look like a dual kit".

There ware also a few Nids ready to go, the Tervigon/Tyranofex dual kit and a flyer that I wasn't familiar with, looked about lictor sized but more resembled a winged zoanthrope.

And last, but definetely not least: more flyers seem to be in the works, including an Ork Fighter! It seemed to be very similar to the FW version. No specific mention of a timeframe was given - expect it sometime the next six months.

This is going to be a huge year for 40k. Very Happy
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Night Lord

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PostSubject: Re: 2012 Rumours   Mon Feb 13, 2012 1:35 pm

With a Second cook at work talking about his one life's regret being the sale of his Eldar army. and Now he has his own place, he's thinking of collecting again. Good news if we'll see an Eldar codex before christmas...... I mean there's not much to add; just needs a little massage to get to 6th rules. sorry to hear the Tau are being pushed back...... hopefully it will accompay an expansion of the range.
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PostSubject: Re: 2012 Rumours   Mon Feb 13, 2012 9:23 pm

The most current rumourrs state:

- Q1-2 Necron and Tyranid 2nd waves

- Q2-3 6th edition with Dark Angels vs Chaos in the boxed set.

- Chaos Legions codex ~via multiple sources - said to be the first 6th Edition codex.

- Dark Angels codex ~contradictory, with other codices as a possibility in its place (Space Marines or Tau commonly named)

- No Eldar in 2012, still much to be done.

- Tau are still strong contenders for a full codex release, with many models finished and on ice for months now - but most probably 2013.

- Q4 this year will be dominated by the Hobbit so expect Q2 and Q3 to be 40K centric, but don't expect too much.

- Then Q1 2013 will be more Hobbit, Q2 2013 may see a new Codex but it's more likely to be wave releases, so if Eldar or Tau were coming I would say Q3.

Iron Within, Iron Without
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PostSubject: Re: 2012 Rumours   

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2012 Rumours
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