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 CSM SRG Remix

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PostSubject: CSM SRG Remix   Thu Jul 31, 2014 5:51 pm

So, while I get whats going on in the other thread. It clashes with my professional mind to not outline the area's of concern, achieve a consensus on those issues, and to then move on to the resolution of said issues.

Since I've been stuck in a work rut for the last few weeks...I'm going to try and dive back into 40K with this thread.


1. Outline the points of failure.
2. Achieve if possible agreement on those points of failure within our play group.
3. Outline possible solutions to those issues once agreed upon.
4. Achieve agreement on those resolutions.
5. Create a nice little PDF to print off as the CSM Codex Remix!

I'll be likely starting this tonight, but broad headings will include.

1. The soul of the book, what does it want to be.
2. What is holding it back.
3. What is the unified theme of the book, and how do we bring that out?
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Night Lord

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PostSubject: Re: CSM SRG Remix   Sun Oct 19, 2014 5:51 pm

1. Soul: this book needs to be as broad as the SM book, many viable choices which can be tweaked or flavoured to each persons theme.
It wants to represent super evil super soldiers, some of whom are ancient, some are recently corrupted..... I don't think we have to match the whole imperial faction, especially with the herectial armies in IA13 and Daemons covered and BBros....

2. What is holding it back?
A. overcosted vehicles
B. Restrictive HQ choices
C. Restrictive theme choices (troops)
D. Missing flyer/AA options

3. Suggestions for #2: many of which may be addressed by IA13
A. Drop all vehicle prices by 15-20% and/or Provide more themed upgrades
B. I wouldn't add another FOC slot, with a view to jealous power hungry individuals not sharing power, but I would certainly open up the themes by allowing Marked Legion units to be taken as troops as long as ANY HQ has a corresponding mark. I would also Give each current HQ choice an additional wound to push them into 'lord' stat rather than a bunch of 'captains'.
C. In addition to more choices opening certain legions as troops, I would allow ANY army to take UP TO ONE unit of each cult as a Troop choice regardless of HQ, each additional unit would then be taken as an Elite choice, unless there is an appropriately marked HQ. Drop Pods available as dedicated transports for all basic (not bulky) Infantry units.
D. IA13 and Plague Drones would help. I don't know that a Storm Raven fits the 'soul' that I imagine, but I won't discount it....
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