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 House Rule Weapons and Wargear

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PostSubject: House Rule Weapons and Wargear   Sun Nov 16, 2014 1:16 pm

This is a collection of weapons and wargear that Nerdtopia players have come up with.

Items of the 71st Grand Company
Frosthallow, Iron Warrior relic warhammer, 45 pts
Frosthallow was created by Chief Librarian Zaccheus for Warmsmith Agamemnon after the destruction of the Cerulean Consuls, to commemorate the victory. The hammers head was bathed in the blood of a hundred slain Consuls and consecrated with the heart of the Consuls chapter master.
Since then Agamemnon has wielded it against the enemies of the 71st and used it to crush all his foes.

S+2, AP3, Melee, Armourbane, Fleshbane, Blind.

The Armor of Achaea, Iron Warrior relic terminator armor 90 pts
This armor was forged on Olympia itself, and has passed from warmsith to warsmith of the 71st. It is considered one of their most priceless relics
Terminator armor with 2+/4++. Gives +2T and It Will Not Die

The Crozius Theios, Crozius Arcanum of High Chaplain Orobarbus 40 pts
Orobarbus found this weapon on the daemonworld of Kur'uo'kaph, led their by visions granted to him by the warp, and claimed it as his own

S+2, AP4, Melee, Concussive, Hateful Inspiration (grants all friendly units within 6" Hatred)

Daemon weapons of chaos

Chaos Warp Blade: S User, AP3. Daemon Weapon. If a psyker attempts to activate a power within 12" of the bearer, the psyker suffers Perils of the Warp on a roll of 4+ regardless of the results of the attempt. 30pts
Deathscreamer: S user, AP3. Daemon weapon. Shooting phase may be used with following profile. R24", S4, AP3, assault d6. Roll for shots is same as for demon weapon. 25pts

Pandemic Staff: CCW. Use in Shooting Phase; target enemy unit within 12", roll for each model in unit, on 4+ takes a S4, Ap- hit. 30pts
Plaguebringer: Daemon Weapon. Poisoned 4+. 25pts

Brass Axe of Khorne: S+1 Ap2. Each To Hit roll of '6' generates an additional attack. 25pts
Bloodfeeder. Daemon Weapon; Roll 2d6 for attacks rather than d6. 25pts

Blade of Pain: S User, AP3. Any model wounded but not killed must take a Ld test, if failed, take d3 more wounds. 25 pts
Blissgiver: Daemon Weapon. Wounds caused on an enemy inflict instant death. 30pts

Iron Within, Iron Without
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House Rule Weapons and Wargear
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